Welcome to Shepherd's Watch, were glad you found us. We are family owned and operated, our dogs are part of the family with full access to the interior home and acreage to run on. Our goal is to produce happy healthy puppies and place them with lifelong families who will give them the attention and love they need for a long, happy life. Our dogs go through both genetic DNA and PennHIP (proven to be more accurate than OFA ) testing to do our best to limit the spread of Hip Dysplasia and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).

              Your puppy will be screened, socialized, provided early scent introduction, and introduced to neurological stimulation exercises. Puppies begin kindergarten courses in their first week to familiarize themselves with the world of people and interact with children and adults. Finally, a basic introduction to obedience training is performed with each puppy to prepare them for potty training, crate training, and walks on leashes. Finally, you can be confident that your puppy is medically vaccinated as recommended by the American Kennel Club and ready to go home with you.

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